10 Ways Life Will Change If China Becomes The World’s Superpower



China is determined to become the world’s next superpower. They already have plans in motion to make it happen, and Chinese president Xi Jinping has publicly declared that he wants China to be leading the world by 2050.If China gets their way, we’re going to see our world completely change—possibly even within our lifetimes. America’s influence will wane, and for the first time in history, the world’s greatest power will be the People’s Republic of China.We don’t have to speculate about what that world’s going to be like. China has made it clear how they want to reshape the world in their image and what a world would look like with the People’s Republic of China in charge.


Africa Will Become A Greater World Power
The United States Will Slump Into A Depression
World Policing Will Come To An End
University Teachers Will Have To Teach State-Approved Lessons
History Will Be Forcibly Rewritten
Europe Will Slump
Mainstream Movies Will All Be State-Approved Propaganda
Japan Will Be Cut Out Of International Society
Taiwan Will Be Invaded
China And The United States May Go To War



kristian 1 day ago
all subsequent Marvel movies will now be in Chinese!


14TRUTH 1 day ago
We have only ourselves to blame.


Greg 1 day ago
21 Trillion in debt ensures that the USA will go downhill….that debt is growing everyday……From January to March we borrowed another 488 Billion….that’s 5 Billion dollars per day in borrowing…..we’re broke people just won’t admit it…..the day of reckoning is coming


I have Bigly words that I know. 1 day ago
China grew rich by investing in their country instead of squandering trillions on wars, imagine all the nice roads, rail, cities, etc we would have with all that money.


Andrew 1 day ago
Here’s how the American Empire ends: 1. Bin Laden began bleeding us by baiting us into two financially costly and unnecessary wars. 2. This was followed by a crushing global recession. But rather than learning our lessons, we’re back on our way to deregulating banks and wall street which will insure it happens again. 3. Our citizenry care more about Kardashians and who gave which STD to whom on what reality dating show to realize our education system routinely rank near the bottom of developed nations. 4. Our universities prioritize mis-gendering as the biggest issue while foreign nationals take all the engineering/science degrees and take their knowledge back to their home countries. 5. Russian bots on internet comment sections (like this one) successful at sowing distrust and getting us to fight each other that we don’t realize the real threat is Russia and China’s growing belligerence on the global stage.


Linda Sutherland 1 day ago
It won’t be the first time. China was the world’s greatest power 600 years ago. Their navy sailed over most of the world (maybe even to America, though the evidence for that is ambiguous). What happened was that, for reasons of internal politics, China then turned inwards on itself. That was disastrous, and China went into a decline that lasted for over half a millenium. The warning for America should be obvious: don’t just look inwards (as we seem to be doing at present), look outwards and engage with the world.


hotwire 1 day ago
Miss-leading article title. China already is a superpower, it is not waiting to become one.


RickT 22 hr ago
This article SHOULD BE REQUIRED reading for ALL politicians.


WalterLee 1 day ago
By 2050 – sea levels will rise about 1.5 feet – China -not the USA- will be leading the world in addressing global climate change. Natural disasters in the form of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes will be more common… China’s silk road project should be complete.. the IMF will probably up its Chinese currency reserves.. and you should be able to buy crude oil with a Chinese dollar instead of a US dollar..


MarkB 1 day ago
Actually China is a co-equal superpower in the UN along with the UK, US, France and Russia. These are the only countries with veto power.



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