Ford’s China struggle continues as May vehicle sales slump 29 percent



BEIJING (Reuters) – Ford Motor Co’s struggle to boost sales in China showed no sign of ending soon with volumes for May sliding 29 percent despite steps being taken by the U.S. automaker like appointing a new sales leader and readying launches of new products.


The company’s sales volumes in the world’s biggest auto market fell in May to 61,744 vehicles from a year earlier, Ford said on Friday.


That took sales volumes for the first five months of the year to 338,386 vehicles, down 22 percent from the corresponding period a year ago.


Ford has been dealing with the sales slump since last year, caused in part by a dearth of competitive fresh products.


The company has since announced plans for several new products including the redesigned Focus and Escort cars, as well as the Nautilus, a new premium Lincoln model Ford is gearing to sell soon.


The problem is those new models won’t start arriving in dealer showrooms until later this year.



Roy 1 day ago
Let’s look at why Ford doesn’t sell well in Asian countries . I live in the Philippines and own a Ford. It is now 7 years old and has 140000km on it. The radiator fan broke. A new one from Ford costs more than $400. That amount is twice the average monthly salary here in the Philippines. A new fan for Mazda costs about $60. Another example, the return and overflow hoses for the overflow bottle in the cooling system cost $100. Those are two rubber tubes with some plastic clips.Manufacturing cost is about $1 maximum. Same hoses for Mazda? $6. Now Ford is known by everyone in the Philippines as a car not to buy because it is too expensive to repair. Then they wonder why their sales collapse. People buy Fords and 6 years later pay the price. They cannot sell their used car because nobody wants the expense. Third World countries are not throw away countries . They want to use that car for 30 years. Ford makes it so expensive that a Ford can be used for a maximum of six and then scrapped. Nobody in the 3rd world is interested in that. Wake up Ford. The third worlThis not the usa. You are destroying your own future sales for immediate profit!


David 1 day ago
Stop making s cars and make better quality reliable cars and people will buy it.


Kevin 1 day ago
This is in part from negative publicity by Trump and US tariff against Chinese product, such as $1.4billion dollar fine against Chinese company ZTE by US government. South Korea and Japan all felt the political downside in trading with China.


Jeff 1 day ago
many Ford GM and Jeep dealers will have to close in China soon, Euro brands will sell like hot cakes


Ray 1 day ago
That’s because in May, China announced a reduction in import duty for imported cars starting July 1.


Joe 1 day ago
Put 25% Tariff on them and see if their strategy will work.


R 1 day ago
Looks like the Chinese are also boycotting Ford which is an American brand! Lets boycott their cars too!!…hmmm….there are none here!! LOL


Nubbins 1 day ago
Ford uses the lowest quality metal, plastics, and rubber. Why? So they can pay the top executives the MOST.


Giggity 1 day ago
Ironically I guess China doesn’t want sh!!ty American cars either.


Kevin Mo 1 day ago
Chinese consumers are responding to the trade tariffs imposed by the Trump administration and the simmering on and off trade war with the United States. They would buy cars from other countries than from the US. That’s why there is a significant sale drops in sales for Ford. Remember the same happened to the Japanese cars several years ago in the military stand-off between China and Japan in the South China Sea. There was a huge loss in the Japanese car sales and it took about 5 years to catch up to its original sales volume before the military stand-off. If this continues, other American companies and business in China would suffer too.




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