Whether it’s the currency devaluation or thestock market rout, the economic news coming out of China seemsunremittingly negative – and that’s not to mention the horrificexplosions in Tianjin.


But here’s some good news.Yet-to-be-released data shows that China has all buteradicated urban poverty. For a country with huge numbers of poor peoplestreaming into its cities, many of whom living initially in conditions ofabject misery, this is an extraordinary success. It has been achieved, in largepart, because of a government subsidy paid to urban dwellers to bring incomesup to a minimum level of 4,476 yuan ($700 or £446).


The data comes from the latest survey inthe ChinaHousehold Income Project (Chip) series and will not be formallypublished until next year. It shows that in 2013 the share of people living incities below this minimum income line was just 1.6%, adjusted for purchasingpower parity.


According to Prof Li Shi, director of Beijing Normal University’s institute ofincome distribution who works on Chip, that’s mostly accounted for errors intargeting by the government.



Mizzentop BeatonTheDonis
19 Aug 2015 23:29
I simply can’t accept that it’s desirableto stop able people achieving too much because they skew the inequalityfigures.
I want to see everyone achieving as much aspossible.


andyholmes Mizzentop
19 Aug 2015 22:53
Why does inequality matter?
It matters greatly to the left’s feelingsof victimisation and envy.
Just look at all those wealthy Slovakians,Slovenians and Montenegroans


19 Aug 2015 21:36
in Shanghai six years ago i had to get tothe station at tube at 5am to catch the plane. I had to climb over the bodiesof sleeping women packing the square outside, many with babies. I was shocked.Every Chinese person i know denied they exist. The babies were quite likely theresult of rape. I estimated several hundred. The average house in poorer partsof China was a concrete garage complete with up-and-over door and no windows. Ihad been completely unprepared for the poverty i saw there, the west showsnothing but neon lights and flashy stuff


19 Aug 2015 21:18
I do not believe this article…repeat: Ido not believe this article…repeat:…


Duncan Frame
19 Aug 2015 20:30
China’s progress accounted for more thanthree-quarters of global poverty reduction and is the reason why the worldreached the UN millennium development goal of halving extreme poverty.
That’s the first time I heard that stat.Interesting. That is socialism for you I guess.



canbeanybody steviematt
19 Aug 2015 19:02
I lived through the period as mentioned inyour post and I, together with millions others never see a single starvationdeath. How did you spot 45 millions starvation death? Care to show your photosor any other evidence of starvation death of a Chinese?
I also lived through Great Leap Froward andthat was most exciting time ever and I remember vividly how I caught the ratsand cut their tails and handed back to school master.
In fact the Great Leap Forward heralds theindustrialization of modern China and it continues to this day and beyond.
We did starve though because shortage of qualityfood just like Iran and North Korea today and the reason of starvation is alsodue to the same policy of notorious "sanction" triggered by the sameevent as China develops her own nukes.
Thanks to Chairman Mao and his Communistparty, we did get through in one piece. I am not sure those"sanction" crazy bigwigs are laughing now.
Yes, Chinese have Chinese dreams and hopes.What’s wrong with that?







Diziet7 SecretSkivver
19 Aug 2015 18:39
A centralised state capitalism. Rathercloser to ordoliberalism than full-on neoliberalism.


quarrytone BoredwithLabour
19 Aug 2015 18:08
It can be much cheaper to live in China, soyour pound can go much further. For instance a reasonable restaurant meal cancost a pound, a bottle of water 10 pence.


Steven GallusOne Smith BeatonTheDonis
19 Aug 2015 18:07
The CIA? Well that must be reliableinformation!


19 Aug 2015 17:30
It hasn’t eradicated rural poverty though.


BeatonTheDonis tweakysanders
19 Aug 2015 16:54
Reducing inequality via wealthredistribution will certainly reduce inequality, but almost certainly increasepoverty as well.
Drivel. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, theNetherlands, Belgium, Austria, Finland and Germany are all in the top fifteenmost equal countries on Earth and all are wealthy.



BeatonTheDonis Mizzentop
19 Aug 2015 16:51
Because more equal societies tend to bewealthier, healthier, happier, better-educated, less violent, less crime-riddenand more successful. According to the CIA, the ten most equal countries are:
132 Slovakia
133 Belgium
134 Netherlands .
135 Norway
136 Czech Republic
137 Denmark
138 Hungary
139 Montenegro
140 Slovenia
141 Sweden
The top ten most unequal countries are:
1 Lesotho
2 South Africa
3 Botswana
4 Sierra Leone
5 Central African Republic
6 Namibia
7 Haiti
8 Honduras
9 Zambia
10 Guatemala


132 Slovakia 斯洛伐克
133 Belgium 比利时
134 Netherlands .荷兰
135 Norway 挪威
136 Czech Republic 捷克
137 Denmark 丹麦
138 Hungary 匈牙利
139 Montenegro 黑山共和国
140 Slovenia 斯洛文尼亚
141 Sweden瑞典


1 Lesotho 莱索托
2 South Africa 南非
3 Botswana 博茨瓦纳
4 Sierra Leone 塞拉利昂
5 Central African Republic中非共和国
6 Namibia 纳米比亚
7 Haiti 海地
8 Honduras 洪都拉斯
9 Zambia 赞比亚
10 Guatemala危地马拉

19 Aug 2015 16:49
Well, they can now stop after this amazingsuccess of making sure that no one in a city earns less than £446 a year.
Spectacular. ‘Poverty’ has been eliminated.They must all be ecstatic.


Mizzentop tweakysanders
19 Aug 2015 16:35
Yes – I agree. A wealthy society is boundto be more unequal. If we want equality then we are only going to get it bylevelling down and keeping everyone poorer. I’m not sure how that helps anyoneapart from those who just don’t like to see others doing too well.



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